• Hi,
    I am really happy with the buddy press features and have done a great solution for me.
    But at the moment I am really looking for the opportunity that my users get an notification when a new post is created in groups.

    I have took already a look at documentation but for me it is hard to understand so far.
    It should hook up at the same function of buddy press like you get a notification when someone commented. In this case a email is send to.

    At the moment I am using a plugin for that, but thats not as good as the real notifications which also pop ups.

    Can someone please urgently help and advice?

    I would also pay a small amount by paypal for that great help.
    I think its only a small change when I see documentation so far and for one who know how this works already it should be done in few minutes. Its well documented on some blogs.

    Thanks a lot.
    Please comment or send me a PN.