• Michael Eisenwasser (Admin) replied to the topic Add Photo not working for any browser in the forum BuddyBoss Media 9 years, 6 months ago

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    This should be fixed in 1.0.6, available now.

    BuddyBoss Media 1.0.6

    Many servers have lower memory limits (esp. shared hosting) and the image rotation fix uses a lot of RAM to run the process. This happens even more often on mobile devices, where people have very high resolution cameras uploading images with large file sizes, which then get rotated on the server and uploaded.

    We fixed this two ways.

    1) We added an option in the BuddyBoss Media settings to turn the rotation fix on or off, off by default. It tells you what your current server memory is, with a warning that we suggest 256-512mb RAM to use the feature. If you want, you can turn it on. The script fixes images from being uploaded sideways, which often happens with mobile device browsers (not related to BuddyBoss, happens on all kinds of websites due to some quirks with mobile browses).

    2) We also added a fallback, for users that enable the feature, that checks at the last stage of the script’s execution if a fatal error has ocurred in the rotation fix file, then continues the ajax call without rotating.