• Michael Eisenwasser (Admin) replied to the topic Mobile issues with new theme in the forum BuddyBoss 3.0 10 years, 2 months ago


    I can confirm by replacing the code as above, the grey window issue is gone on my Samsung.

    Excellent! This is the main bug I want to see resolved.

    However if one clicks on the Timestamp for any thread in the forum listing, one does not go to the end of the thread as intended.

    Please post this as a new forum topic.

    The momentary “sliding in” of the right side bar still occurs and the “flashing” is slower and more noticeable – isn’t there some way to get rid of it?

    This is a separate issue, related to “repainting the canvas” to make sure scrolling works after page load. Yes, there is a better solution. One that I wanted to have ready in 3.1 but left out due to time constraints. Look out for it in 3.2 down the line. The current slider panel setup relies on the site calculating window height and then scrolling the main window, which is the cause of most slider related issues, and some general slowness / glitchiness. This goes back to BB 3.0. There is a better way to do it that I am working on in the background. Smoother, faster, no set window height.